VOIP and Telephony

Your business no longer needs to rely on cumbersome, expensive, difficult-to-deal-with monopolies to meet your business telephony needs. VoIP or Voice over IP (Internet Protocol) can revolutionise the way your business communicates!

VoIP telephony in your business can deliver massive cost savings, increased flexibility and easier administration.

Simply put, a VoIP phone is an Internet telephone or a telephone that uses your Internet connection to make and receive calls. Your old PABX system (or telephone exchange) on the office wall is replaced by either an on-premise or hosted telephone system.

As a hosted VOIP provider we are able to offer your business all the benefits of a corporate phone system at a fraction of the cost of a traditional phone system. With minimized capital outlay and huge flexibility, a cloud telephony system offers huge advantages over the traditional on-premise systems.

Our 3CX phone systems mean you can work from anywhere with an internet connection. You can use a physical handset, a PC or Laptop with a software client or mobile phone (iOS or Android) app. No matter

  • how many offices you have
  • where your staff are located, or
  • how distributed your workforce is

you’re always going to be able to access your business telephony system, answer incoming calls and function as if you are in the same office location.

We are also a SIP VoIP provide. We utilize VOIP Unlimited’s unparalleled VoIP SIP trunks and connectivity to build best-in-class business phone systems. This also means massive cost savings on phone calls to remote offices, remote workers, international calls and local calls. We are able to offer our customers unlimited flexibility for DDIs, call routing, call recording, auto attendant, voicemail and other customization options – all though a simple, secure web interface.

Our cloud and hosted VoIP phone systems are built on a highly available and redundant platform. The emphasis being on availability, security and compliance.

Call it what you will – a cloud phone, internet telephone, network telephone, cloud VoIP or VoIP phone… The benefits to your business are many and significant.

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Our Pricing

We offer both Standard and Pro licensing prices. We are able to provide up to 1024 simultaneous calls (quote on request). Our pricing is based on the number of simultaneous calls that can be made (either internally or externally) and not on the number of extensions you have connected.

Number of simultaneous calls No. of handsets  Monthly rental (Std) Monthly rental (Pro)
2  up to 5 £17 £19
4  7-10 £30 £38
8  12-15 £62 £75
16  15-30 £107 £126

Please see our detailed price comparison tables for Standard Packages or Pro Packages

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