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Our impending ISO 27001 certification and what this means for us and our customers

Kearey Consulting is currently undergoing an evaluation of our information security and internal systems management policies. These policies are of paramount importance when it comes to the management of our internal and client systems and data. They govern the processes we have put in place to ensure safe handling of data and our systems. Once our ISO 27001 certification partners have completed their audit of our systems we will then be audited by an independent body and, should everything be in order, awarded our certification. This will then be randomly audited every 2 years to ensure we stay compliant with the stringent rules governing the ISO certification.

What does this mean for you?

In short, it means that you will no longer have to just rely on our word and reputation for believing that we are doing everything in line with industry best practices and in the best interests of your business and data.

Our certification will offer you a recognisable and confident way of ensuring that you have partnered with an IT provider who works within a compliance led methodology. This is extremely important for those clients in the financial, government and health industries, as well as those customers who want to ensure that their data, and thereby their Intellectual Property and reputation, is being handled safely and appropriately within recognised guidelines.

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