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IT Security costs for SME’s – An effective strategy

An effective IT security strategy According to an independent PWC survey* the number of security breaches in companies had increased and the scale and cost had nearly doubled in 2015. Any IT security incident could cost you your business data, reputation, customer confidence and intellectual property. This, coupled with fines and penalties, could spell the […]

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Is a lack of Cyber Security Awareness putting your business at risk?

The Problem: According to a recent study by Axelos (a UK government joint venture with Capita), UK organisations are putting their reputation, customer trust and competitive advantage at greater risk by not training their employees in cyber security awareness and how to protect against cyber security attacks. The research found that 75% of large organisations […]

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Our impending ISO 27001 certification and what this means for us and our customers

Kearey Consulting is currently undergoing an evaluation of our information security and internal systems management policies. These policies are of paramount importance when it comes to the management of our internal and client systems and data. They govern the processes we have put in place to ensure safe handling of data and our systems. Once […]